About Sumaxx

SUMAXX, born to be unique!
SUMAXX brand started in the year 2012, positioning at high performance products with affordable prices. With years’ of development, SUMAXX has grown into a reliable and dynamic brand supplying cost-effective tyres to partners worldwide, the unique design and structure make SUMAXX to be a strong and interesting brand in niche tyre segment.
Now, SUMAXX brand is mainly focusing on 4X4 series with A/T, R/T, M/T tyres, and also Competition series in UHP and high performance SUV tyres. With almost ten years’ of development, SUMAXX has become widely recognized as an expert in the 4X4 and Racing market. And now SUMAXX is a first choice for end users from more than 50 countries who are considering to replace or upgrade their tyres.
We have also gained rich experience in cooperating with different customers worldwide to customize certain demanded sizes, we have professional engineers and high-efficient manufacturers as good support, making all things fast and easy.
Confidence in performance! We are in constant pursuit of high quality, we are paying special attention to every detail from beginning to end, from raw material to finish, to ensure every tyre produced is of excellent performance. Try SUMAXX, you will enjoy better performance experience!

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